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In addition to having a sanitized toothbrush everyday, the real question you should be asking - "Are the bristles end rounded?" Because the end-rounded bristles regardless of stiffness are the only ones that reduce gum trauma. But if you push too hard it doesn't matter if it is soft, medium, or hard, the consequence is gum trauma and the softer ones just wear out and fray sooner. 

The second question you should be asking - "Are the bristles stiff enough to effectively remove tartar and plaque build up from my teeth?" All of the toothbrushes we offer, answer, with a loud Yes! After those concerns we think it's a matter of personal choice.

Which one is better according to Dentist and Hygienists? The going trend seems to be towards a soft bristle. Because the dental field is saying that the hard bristles cause the gums to recede, leading to periodontal disease. But the truth is that periodontal disease is linked to plaque build up, poor nutrition, and bacterial infection. Most of the US and Canada probably qualify on all three accounts, especially if you use a regular toothbrush.

Some alternative dentists subscribe to the stiff brush theory that the gums and teeth need to be worked over to remove plaque and toughen up.

Here is a pro silver care toothbrush/ common sense theory, the regular toothbrush will have millions of germs within a few weeks of use and then you scratch your gums with this bacterial laden mess. Do you think it's possibly a source of infection affecting your gums?...potentially leading to periodontal disease or systemic infection.

All the silver care toothbrushes have rough or bumpy bristle shafts to remove plaque from the teeth, the silver care Plus hard and medium bristles have more pronounced micro-bumps, you'll find from first use that your gums bleed less and actually tighten up over time. Both the H2o and Plus, remove plaque better than other brands of toothbrushes. The plaque removal greatly reduces gum inflammation allowing gums to tighten around teeth.

Customer experiences actually lead us to a bit of a different conclusion than the US dental industry regarding the preference for soft bristles. Which is as long as you brush lightly and the bristles are end-rounded, removing plaque, and sanitized daily then bristle stiffness is simply a personal preference.