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Ahh a video is worth ten-thousand words...and so much less effort than reading.

I'll admit it my videos are corny and goofy. If you have a better idea or would like to submit your own let me know, I'll trade you for some awesome toothbrushes.

This page is dedicate to interesting and educational ways of explaining why a Silver Care toothbrush is so effective and clean.

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Stop Being Gross! Your toothbrush and cold prevention.


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Typical reaction to a nasty toothbrush. Even dogs know to sanitize...


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Get a fresh dental clean without the  COST$. Smart people use a silver toothbrush.


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Flu shot, takes backseat... Even dummies use silver toothbrushes.


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Toothbrush Sanitation 102. Toothbrush Sanitation 101.


Herpes can survive for...