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S. Mutans is not a normal part of a child's oral bacteria, it gets transferred from parent to child or from a friend or sibling. A common way is using another person's toothbrush. If you have children, you'll readily recognize that they seem to put just about everything in their mouth, at least once.

So if you start your children out with a Silver Care self sanitizing toothbrush from infancy up, you'll know that they won't transfer or receive this cavity causing bacteria from a toothbrush.

S. Mutans is so bad because it paves the way for cavities. Generally, the tooth enamel is strong enough to resist bacterial invasions, but S. Mutans can actually latch onto the the enamel and create an environment that allows other bacteria to hold on and begin breaking down the tooth enamel.

For a mining analogy, if your tooth-root is the treasure and the bacteria are the miners, S. mutans is the dynamite that opens the rock hard enamel that allows other bacterial miners to dig deeper, leading to cavities and the expensive dental bills.

There are many factors that cause cavities, but doesn't it make sense to make a simple change giving you and your children another layer of protection against cavities? Especially when that protection costs less than $10? Using this silver toothbrush eliminates S. mutans on your bristles for you and your children.

Additionally the end rounded bristles protect enamel and gums, while they clean your teeth. Pick out your colors here.