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The dog knows

The dogs have sniffed out a two problems with regular toothbrushes, thanks to an Oklahoma State University professor, bacterial contamination and jagged toothbrush ends. These problems compliment each other in creating havoc in our mouths, the dogs have verified it.

Dr. Tom Glass, a professor of forensic sciences, pathology and dental medicine and his research team did three different experiments. His goal was to find out how different types of toothbrushes affected the dog's mouth over a month's period of time. The three studies consisted of:

  1. The scientists brushed the dog's teeth with new toothbrushes that were sterilized each day.
    • Result - The new brushes caused trauma to the soft tissues in the animals' mouths. Bristles become sharp and jagged after two weeks.
  2. The scientists brushed the dog's teeth with new brushes that were sterilized daily, then contaminated with the bacteria that causes cavities and periodontal disease.
    • Result - Not only did the canines get a number of oral infections, "but also we began to see an occasional (bacterial) organism in the blood," says Glass.
  3. The scientists brushed the dog's teeth each day, with its own toothbrush without sterilization, probably just as you do with your toothbrush.
    • Result - The worst-case scenario by far. "We got many, many more lesions in the oral cavity, on the tongue ... to the point we had one dog, she was so sick, we had to take her off the study and get her well," said, Dr. Glass. 

Research done on human toothbrushes, has shown that the most common bacteria are the same ones that cause the common cold, sore throat, strep throat, pneumonia, gingivitis, and cavities.

Glass says, research has shown that toothbrushes can retain viruses like influenza and herpes for up a week, and he suggests any time someone is sick, they should not keep using the same old toothbrush. "We recommend that people change their toothbrush at the beginning of an illness, when they first start feeling better and when they're well, otherwise they're going to recontaminate themselves."

Or a better solution is to use a Silver Care toothbrush which sanitizes itself...every time its rinsed with water. This natural process of combining silver and water has been proven to effectively eliminate 99.9% of all the bristle inhabitants. For safety every Silver Care toothbrush has specially made Tynex end rounded bristles to protect your enamel and give your gums a gentle massage. Which means less bleeding gums for you.

Silver care toothbrushes solve both problems that the dog study revealed. Jagged edges are fixed by end rounded bristles and contamination is solved by silver and water daily sanitation. Pick out your colors here.