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These viruses should never be welcomed guests, especially on something we put in our mouth everyday, so don't make them feel at home. Rinse with a silver toothbrush to get rid of them.

Doctors, dentists, and most importantly commons sense recommends replacing your toothbrush after you get sick.

The toothbrush environment allows a virus like herpes or the flu to live for up to a week. And whether you are sick or not, the toothbrush breeds bacteria by the millions within a few weeks.

This could be one of the causes for being sick and then shortly there after having a re-occurrence. You access your blood stream via a toothbrush, giving yourself an explosive dose of illness causing micro-organisms. So it's possible that this could be a source of illness and re-occurring illness.

Why not?

  • Minimize the bloody gums with super high quality, end rounded bristles
  • Eliminate the illness causing micro-organisms by sanitizing your toothbrush everyday

After using a Silver Care toothbrush our customers have reported:

  1. Cleaner, smoother teeth
  2. Gums feel tighter around the teeth
  3. Less gum irritation
  4. Less gum bleeding
  5. Less tooth pain
  6. Less sore throats.

We're not claiming the silver toothbrush to be a cure all, but there is no question that it offers another layer of protection against illness and oral infection. You get an extra replacement head with each toothbrush, essentially two silver toothbrushes for one, at only $10 this is a simple, cost effective way to improve oral health.

You and your family deserve to fortify your health with another layer of protection against germs.