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You have a 30 percent chance of having something very gross on your toothbrush. According to a three week Australian study, researchers  found E.coli on 30 percent of the participants toothbrushes.

Where does E.coli comes from? Poop.

How does E. coli get on a toothbrush? You guessed it, well... hopefully just the toilet mist and nothing more severe (like a prank or accidental drop in the swirly waters.)


The invention of flushing toilet has definitely improved life, what a blessing that we don't need to go outside to take care of business. But one draw back for our toothbrush is toilet mist, the mist may fly up to twenty feet even with a closed lid and e.coli has no problem with air travel.

So if the odds are 30% in just three weeks, I'd be willing to bet they increase over time.These facts alone were enough to sell me on a Silver Care self sanitizing toothbrush that effectively eliminates 99.9% of the bacteria after each rinse.

If that is enough for you then...pick out your colors here and don't forget the kids! If not, see how the bacteria could be affecting your health.