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I admit it...I was wrong. I once ran a lucrative lending business where I received lots of referrals. I thought, I deserved them because I worked so hard to help my clients with the best communication, products, and pricing to meet their needs. I soothed my conscience for not rewarding referrers by saying, "besides the law doesn't allow any kickbacks."

I was wrong to think that I deserved referrals. Let me illustrate why with a short story. Let's say that you buy an awesome blender at Costco. Your friend is over at your house so you make her the smoothest smoothie she has ever had. You end up telling her all about this new blender, how great it is, how you shopped around and found this great deal at Costco.
Your friend goes home pulls her husband out of the recliner, "C'mon, Honey...we need to go shopping." They head over to Costco and drive home with an awesome new blender.

Four people were part of this transaction, but only three really benefited. Your friend gets an awesome product which she probably wouldn't have bought today, if you hadn't told her about it. The blender company and costco get another sale. But you...who got this deal ball rolling...what did you get?...nothing! Absolutely nothing.

Your friend is going to pay the same price for the product whether you refer her or not. But Costco and the Blender company benefited immensely from your services because they face all sorts of competition as to where your friend could get a blender or if she would get one at all.

The problem is Costco and Blender company aren't sharing.

I started an Affiliate program because I think affiliate systems are the most fair way to do business! All business should share with the referrer if they are responsible for the new customers because they got the deal ball rolling.

I love this toothbrush, I hear many many testimonials about how great it is. I know it is a safe alternative to the hazards of a regular toothbrush for my family. If you feel the same way, why not tell your friends about it?

When you are an affiliate you're not trying to make money off your friends, you just sharing with them cool stuff. The companies that sell the products benefit from your power to get the deal ball rolling so they should share some of the profits with you.

From now on everyone benefits. Tell your fiends about's unique, awesome, self-sanitizing, super-cleaning toothbrushes and they'll benefit, I'll benefit, and if they click on your link you'll benefit. I will pay 15% of the total sales revenue to you. Sign up here or Learn more here.

This was my first official review/ giveaway with a blog, I was a little nervous at first, but decided to roll the dice and see what happens. I had never met the woman from who was reviewing my toothbrushes, and I even asked her if I could have the final approval on her review. She said,... reading the problem tab, up on the toolbar.

What else can you buy for less than $10 that -

  • Is used twice a day
  • Sanitizes itself after rinsing
  • Last for 6 months or longer
  • Eliminates disease causing bacteria daily (FDA approved)
  • Is made with a precious metal

Why is all of this important?