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The antibacterial silver head guarantees maximum hygiene naturally. A natural process occurs as water and silver contact, the silver head releases silver ions that move down the bristles effectively killing bacterial contaminants.  This is very important especially for children  because the primary bacteria for causing cavities, S.Mutans, is not a normal part of your children's mouth bacteria. It's almost always transferred from a parents or siblings mouth.

Medium Bristles
This brush moves children 3 - 7 years old through their growing phases. This innovative toothbrush has a non-removable antibacterial head that encourages correct oral hygiene for kids, from their first teeth to per-adolescence.

 Compact Head
The small compact head makes easy access to your child's pre-molars while the medium bristles with end-rounding avoid trauma to milk teeth.

Gently Curved Handle
The small gently curved handle with a non-slip grip fits perfectly into little hands and was designed to educate your child in the correct use of  a toothbrush.

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