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The antibacterial silver head guarantees maximum hygiene naturally. A natural process occurs as water and silver contact, the silver head releases silver ions that move down the bristles effectively killing bacterial contaminants.

Two Heads...
...are better than one. With the replacement packs you get two new toothbrush heads.  They are exactly the same as the original. The  Soft, Medium, and Hard are interchangeable with your Silver Plus handle, but the Silver H2O heads are not compatible with the Silver Plus handle.

The replaceable heads save you a couple dollars. Plus they give you the chance to experiment with the bristle stiffness to see which one feels the best to you.

With your new dual pack of heads your tongue will still be saying, "Our teeth feel so nice and so smooooth."  

With the replacement heads your getting two toothbrushes for the price of one. Each head will last 4-6 months. Where else can you get a hygienically pure toothbrush, 365 days a year,  that cleans better than a dental visit for just $7.48

Product Warnings

Not recommended for children under 3 because the silver heads are removable. For young children and infants  we recommend the Silver Junior or the Silver Infant.


Shipping throughout the United States is $3.95, if you order 3 or more shipping is free (U.S.A only)
The shipping rate to Canada is $8.95. (Sorry, USPS tripled the rates to Canada in January 2013.)
Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.


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