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Whether your looking for an antibacterial toothbrush solution or you just want the cleanest, brightest teeth. You're in luck because Silver Care brand toothbrushes are the only brushes in the world that offer both.

When was the last time you replaced your toothbrush? If you can't answer right away then you need a new one. Because a regular toothbrush is overflowing with bacteria. Because it offers so many benefits to bacteria, viruses, and fungus like - food, shelter, water, and a warm place to stay, these micro organisms breed like like bunnies. (Well that's not true, it's really 1000's of times faster, but you get the point.) After just three weeks a regular toothbrush will have as many as one million growing bacteria. It gets worse, with viruses like the flu or herpes surviving on the bristles for a week.

See what others are saying about this unique silver toothbrush that is now available in the United States and Canada at an affordable price for you and your family.

How does the silver toothbrush clean itself? Amazingly, silver naturally kills microbial substances, that's one reason why prior to dishwashers silver utensils were so highly valued. So when silver mixes with water it makes silver ions. These silver ions move down the bristles creating a continuous anti-bacterial process as the bristles are rinsed and dry. As the silver ions move down your bristles they kill the bacteria, yeasts, viruses, and fungus. Studies continue to proving the effectiveness of this silver toothbrush. Lean more here.

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$7.50 each Silver Care Plus Soft
5 5 1 Product
$7.50 each Sivercare Plus Medium
3.8 5 5 Product
$7.50 each Sivercare Plus Hard
5 5 1 Product
$8.50 each Silvercare h2o Soft
4.66667 5 3 Product
$8.50 each Silvercare h2o Medium
5 5 1 Product
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