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Silvercare Tongue Brush

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The silver head, on contact with saliva or water, activates a natural and continuous antibacterial process this guarantees maximum hygiene; effectively killing bacterial contaminants from your mouth and the bathroom environment.

Extra Soft Tongue Brush with Silver
This product helps to keep your breath fresh, your neighbor will thank you. The extra soft bristles of the Silver Care tongue brush remove the food proteins that deposit on the tongue’s surface and allow for accurate cleaning even within tongue grooves, without damaging or irritating the mucous membranes.

Because the silver acts to make a hygienically pure tongue brush everyday your brush can last about 6 months.

When choosing a good tongue brush realize that during use you may see all sorts of bacterial infested mucus and saliva coming off your tongue that gets caught in your tongue brush bristles.

 Now ask yourself, "If I don't have silver to kill that bacterial mess, do I really want to use this brush again...ever...even once???"

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