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Maybe even more important than being clean, this toothbrush cleans my teeth better than any toothbrush I have ever used!

Most all of silver care users rave about how well the micro-bumps clean. The micro-bump bristles made of Tynex were developed by DuPont. All the bristles for H2o and Plus toothbrushes are made with Tynex and therefore, have micro-bumps, but the Plus Medium and Hard have more pronounced micro-bumps for even greater cleaning efficiency.

Superior Bristles

The patented Tynex bristles are unique because the micro-bumps effectively remove plaque build-up and polish your teeth. The bumpy bristles reach to clean where other toothbrushes stop as they bend to fit all the contours of your teeth.

I had a tartar line near my top gum line, within three weeks of using the Plus Medium toothbrush it was gone. From day one, the toothbrush did such a tremendous job cleaning, that I felt as if, I just got back from a professional dental cleaning. My teeth were so smooth I couldn’t help but run my tongue over them again and again.

After using this toothbrush people talk more about how well it cleans their teeth than the fact that it’s clean going into their mouth.

The other benefit that I found with this toothbrush is how long it lasts. Instead of throwing your toothbrush away every three months with the extra replacement head you can get 6 months of use before reordering.