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Why get a travel toothbrush?

  • You want something new because yours is worn out anyway
  • Yours is naked, no bristle protection against luggage compartments and dirty clothes.
  • You don’t want to contaminate your home toothbrush with traveling germs.

Four Reasons to get a travel toothbrush when leaving home

1. Travelers’ Diarrhea

Infectious agents are the primary cause of Travelers’ Diarrhea (TD). Bacteria from E.coli cause (picture of e.coli below) approximately 80% of TD cases; the bacteria produces watery diarrhea with cramps and low-grade or no fever. travel toothbrush kills e-coli-bacteria

Travelers' diarrhea (TD) is the most common illness affecting travelers. Each year between 20%-50% of international travelers, an estimated 10 million persons, develop diarrhea. The onset of TD usually occurs within the first week of travel but may occur at any time while traveling, and even after returning home.

High-risk destinations are the developing countries of Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. Attack rates are similar for men and women.

2. Contaminated water and food.

The primary sources of infection for e.coli, giardia, and other microbial contaminants are ingestion of fecally contaminated food and water. Gross!

You can boil the water, use carbonated water, iodine tablets, or portable filters for protection.

Additionally, a self-sanitizing toothbrush would provide an extra layer of protection when traveling by:

  • preventing you from re-infecting your bloodstream if you already have the germs, like you would with a regular toothbrush
  • kill any bacteria already in the water from rinsing the toothbrush and prevent new e.coli growth in the bristles

This chart shows why a silver germfree toothbrush is such a great travel toothbrush, in about an hour 85% of all e.coli is dead within 6 hours 100% is dead.

ecoli reduction

3. No batteries or electricity. foriegn plug

I know some of you love your electric toothbrush, but when traveling away from home, especially out of the country the last thing you want to do is find outlet adapters or batteries.

I must warn you, if you use this SilverCare toothbrush as your travel toothbrush, you will find that your teeth feel cleaner and smoother than normal.

This might make you feel like you wasted a lot of money on that old electric toothbrush. Not everyone has this response, but a lot of our customers (who used to have an electric toothbrush) have admitted that they noticed their teeth cleaner and whitening up after using this toothbrush.

Consider yourself warned the germfree travel toothbrush may become the permanent home toothbrush.

4. Hotels/ Motels

These quotes below come from a Huffington post article showing pictures of the ten worst hotels in the United States. The comments were a smorgasbord of filthy, entertaining and educational human experiences revealing how deplorably dirty a hotel or motel stay can be.

You might be thinking of travel toothbrush to throw away after the trip or to spare yours the journey.

Either way these comments illustrate the need to use a self-sanitizing travel toothbrush during your journey.

There were 288 comments and here were some of the highlights in the first few pages.

“…and [I] was afraid to use the moldy shower.” Michiganms

Dirtiest hotel I've stayed at was one where you didn't bother to pick up a roach you just squashed because the ants would get to it in less than a minute, and it would keep them busy and out of your bed.” Madfigs

“I stayed a night in that one during a cross country trip with 3 dogs and a cat...dirty does not even begin to describe it. My cat ended up going into the bathroom I was contemplating how to disinfect him after I left.” Hswanson2

Clearly trip adviser has never been to Kanab, UT. We had a mapquest secondary "road" issue strand us there in the middle of the night. The room was so filthy I retrieved our dirty laundry from the car and we slept on top of that.” Laura Walker

“More people have sex, urinate on the floor, and throw up in hotel rooms than in the back seats of squad cars. A thick plastic cover should be on the floor, walls and ceiling. After the guest leaves, you hose it done with sanitizer.” GeneralSherman

The bug spray almost floored you when you first open the door and the spray didn't upset
any of the bugs in the room…” golfnut49

“You know, I travel with my own toilet seat covers, my own toilet paper, my own bedding and towels and soap. I always have repellent and antibacterial stuff. I NEVER sleep under bedspreads. My goal is to get in, sleep, refresh and get out.

In Dallas, a reporter visited several of the best hotels in town. They used a light that exposed stains. In some of these high dollar crash pads they found semen stains on the bedspreads and sheets and mattresses.

Joan Crawford is said to have carried cleaners everywhere she traveled. Gloves, scouring powder, etc. to give her room the once-over -- even in four star hotels.” Bacygirl

Yo! Most hotel rooms are filthy, and price tag means nothing. I used to spend about 200 nights a year in hotels. I've found all types of weird stuff in hotel probably don't want to know.

I always bring my own silk sleeping bag, Clorox-wipes, and a Leatherman-tool, in case there is a plumbing or AC-vent problem.

Always lock the zippers of my toiletry bag. Don't want an under paid, frustrated cleaning-lady using the toothbrush on the t0ilet, while out on a meeting.” Waltfl

“Later that night when I went to use my guessed it--I saw a long black hair caught in my comb. My brother and sister both have light-brown hair. EWWW!!” Chicagokid

You get the point! You and your toothbrush is exposed to additional contaminates when traveling and while staying at a hotel or motel.

What features should a good travel toothbrush have?

Features Silver Care Regular Electric
Protective Bristle Cover - keeps lint and dirt out YES No Some
Silver head - eliminates germs YES No No
Replacement head - always be prepared YES No Some
End Rounded Bristles - helps prevent bleeding gums YES No Some
Hand powered - no outlets or corroded batteries YES Yes No

Why you might want to consider a long term relationship with a germfree toothbrush, rather than just a disposable travel toothbrush fling.

Whether away from home or at home your toothbrush is a collection point for bacteria, yeast, and fungus. The warm wet environment allows bateria to flourish. Many studies have shown that within weeks you may have over 1 MILLION colonizing bacteria.

These bacteria come from your mouth, hands, water, toilet, bathroom, and air. They can also combine to create new organisms that are harmful to your health.

In fact the most prolific bacteria found on a toothbrush are the same ones causing illnesses like the common cold, sore throat, strep throat, pneumonia, gingivitis, and cavities. You can see how dogs fared with an unsanitized toothbrush here