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Silvercare h2o Medium

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h2o Medium Colors

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The antibacterial silver head guarantees a 99.9 % hygienically pure toothbrush everyday. A natural process occurs as water and silver combine, water charged with silver ions move down the bristles effectively killing bacterial contaminants.

Medium Toothbrush
Silver Care H2O is unique because its compact silver head facilitates reaching all of your teeth. The oblong head and the flat or wavy cut of the bristles effectively reaches in between teeth and next to the gums giving a soothing delicate gum massage, seriously it feels good.

After brushing you'll say to yourself, "My teeth feel so nice and so smooooth." 

Once you have used this  toothbrush you will being telling your friends about your amazing discovery.

With the toothbrush you get an extra replacement head so you're getting two toothbrushes for the price of one. Each head will last aobut 3 months. Where else can you get a hygienically pure toothbrush that cleans better than a dental visit?

Get even more Value, with a Discount!

Ergonomic Handle

The handle in non-slip rubber was ergonomically designed to favor the correct use of the toothbrush.

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This toothbrush feels like it cleans all the nooks and crannies!
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