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Silver Care Plus Soft

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$7.50 each
Plus Soft Colors



The antibacterial silver head guarantees a 99.9% hygienically pure toothbrush everyday. A natural antibacterial action occurs as water and silver combine, silver ions move down the bristles effectively destroying bacterial contaminants.

Soft Toothbrush
The soft bristles have lots of elasticity that allows for effective teeth cleaning and delicate gum massaging. End-rounding bristles protects tooth enamel.

With the toothbrush you get an extra replaceable head so you're getting two toothbrushes for the price of one. Each head will last about 3 months. Where else can you get a hygienically pure toothbrush that cleans better than a dental visit?

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Ergonomic Handle
The handle in non-slip rubber was ergonomically designed to favor the correct use of the toothbrush.

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I just placed a repeat order, so I like the toothbrushes. I can't scientifically test them, but I did google the antibacterial qualities of silver, and results were this is valid and tested technology. I don't want germs on my toothbrush, so this germfighting toothbrush makes me feel better about my oral hygiene.

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